Facebook Ads Vs Adwords – What’s Best for Your Business?

Category: Advertising
Published: Thursday, 08 December 2016

All the algorithm changes that Facebook has gone through made a lot of marketers scratch their heads in frustration. With the constant changes in content done by one of the world’s biggest social networks, it can be a bit tricky for business owners to keep up.

You probably know by now that the stated goal of Facebook is to please its users through showing them the things they want to see the most. The people behind the platform also made it clear that Facebook is aware how their changes can disrupt businesses.

A 42% drop in reach can make any marketer’s heart stop and obviously, this is not a good thing.

This is what made many of them think if Google AdWords could actually be a more viable advertising expense.

But, in the battle between Facebook ads and Google AdWords, which really fares better? Let’s take a quick look at this short comparison:


On Google, the ads are pretty much search related. This means that your potential customers are looking for something specific they are ready to purchase right away. Only a few people browse Facebook when they search for certain products. This only goes to say that in this aspect, Google wins. Meanwhile, Facebook plants a seed which could actually bear fruit down the road.

Pinpoint Targeting

In Facebook ads, you can get very specific regarding the people you want to see your ads, which makes it different from Google PPC based more on keywords. A more narrow targeted audience will ultimately translate to lower cost per click. Here, Facebook wins the game.

Local Business

This is another advantage for Google. If people are searching for the nearest gas station or a good place to have dinner, chances are they are already in their car using their mobile phone. In 2015, searches using mobile devices surpassed those made on desktop.

Ad Quality

In this aspect, Facebook is hailed the winner. On Google, your ads will not be anymore fancier than being bold. And if you are feeling a bit crazy, you can even post using All Caps, which, by the way, is something you have to avoid. On Facebook, however, you have the freedom to use graphics or an arsenal of stunning photos or better yet, an informative and entertaining video.  


At this point, Facebook wins it almost hands down. Although Google generally provides user ratings, as far as Facebook is concerned, brands have the ability to interact, from answering questions, offering additional information and overcoming anticipated objections. Without a doubt, brand engagement does wonders in driving sales and encouraging customer loyalty.

So, what is the best for your business then?

The definitive answer will depend on your business, the nature of your audience and what you are selling or offering. If you are offering something with tons of visual appeal to a well defined audience, Facebook could be a good fit. As for local businesses which want to set themselves apart from their competition and grab the attention of consumers while shopping, go for Google.