How to Target Your Ideal Customer in 2017

Category: Marketing Published: Thursday, 08 December 2016

One of the basic elements of great marketing strategy is a target audience that’s well-defined. Casting a wide net as well as attempting to attract any business that matches your offering remotely is by no means an efficient strategy. Frequently, companies that are hungry for growth pursue this strategy, yet it isn’t sustainable.

Defining your ideal customer in 2017 properly will help you deliver a clear message as well as attract the customers who value your offering. It’ll also guide your growth, building a successful marketing and sales team, and ensuring you develop services and products that match customer needs, and understand operational requirement in the future.

To know the ways to target your ideal customers in 2017, follow these steps:

  1. Know Your Service or Product

You need a solid understanding of your business. It does not mean just knowing the outs and ins of your financials or reciting your website copy in your sleep. But rather, you should have deep knowledge of your business from the point of view of your customers. Get out a pen and notepad and jot down what you offer to your clients. What issues do you solve for them or what are the challenges do you address? When answering such questions, you should be honest and you have to remember that it isn’t enough to determine who you like to benefit most. You should also determine who’s actually finding value in your offerings.

  1. Know Your Goals

Once you have looked at your business through your customer’s eyes and identified who’s currently purchasing from you, it is the best time to know what your goals are. Your current customers might not be your perfect ones. Maybe you have noticed that your client retention is low. If you there are some changes with your sales, it’s time to outline all your goals. Determining what you like to achieve will help you alter the strategies in targeting your ideal customers.

  1. Analyze Your Previous Interactions

Your previous interactions with the clients can reveal a lot both bad and good. Combing through any mistakes or successes with the existing or previous customers will absolutely help you to narrow your concentration. Take some time when going through your big wins. Whether it is reading through your client reviews or paging through the old emails to look for major accomplishments, you must also determine any common thread.

  1. Build Customer Profiles

You have done your research already, put in legwork, and prepared to outline everything that makes your clients tick. It’s when you will build customer profile that shares all of the information you have to know regarding who exactly you are trying to target. This process frequently involves answering important questions that cover everything from the basic demographics to what influences buying decisions.


There are other ways on how you can target your ideal customers in 2017. Depending on your type of business or service, make sure that you implement your strategies wisely and properly to get results in no time.

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