The Most Powerful Words in Marketing You Need to Use

Category: Marketing Published: Thursday, 08 December 2016

Ask any savvy designer, copywriter or business owner and they will surely tell you that your choice of words can greatly persuade action and influence emotion.

In the world of marketing, there are phrases and words which have been tested and proven by time to boost conversion and response rates almost across the board. Obviously, there are certain motivating phrases and words which work much better in various situations and it would be up to you to determine the best one that suits your business.

Figuring out what these words are doesn’t really need any rocket science. If your intuition fails to help you, your customers are going to. Below are some of the most magical and powerful words in marketing you should start using at the soonest time possible to yield the best response.

  • You – Write as if you are talking to and about the customer. Don’t make it seem like you are more concerned about yourself.
  • Free – No one says no to free things, don’t you think?
  • Because – Give your customers a good reason why they have to take action right away.
  • Guaranteed – Reduce risk perception by giving your customers a guarantee for them to feel that they have everything to gain with nothing to lose.
  • Value – It implies to customers that they will get something as compared to losing something.
  • Easy – Make it much simpler for your customers to take the initial step in the purchasing process and let them know how your service or product can make your life easier.
  • Amazing – Clients will respond to something that’s incredible.
  • Act Now – Motivate quick response with a limited-time offer.
  • Discover – It implies there’s something unknown and new to the customer, something that has exceptional benefits and provides them an edge.
  • Never – Distinguish the negative benefit including “never overpay again” or “never worry again”.
  • Everything Included – It establishes that your service or product is all your clients will have to purchase to reach their goals.
  • New – Your service or product is the cutting edge in the industry.
  • Proven – Remind the clients that your service, business or product is proven and tested.
  • Save – It’s the most powerful word to showcase the monetary savings or time savings as well.
  • Powerful – Let your potential customers know that your service, product or business is robust.
  • Safe and Effective – It is proven to reduce risk reception for monetary and health loss.
  • Guaranteed Results or Real Results – All customers want the best results after all.
  • Secret – not all succeed and there are some secrets to success. Give your customers the chance to know those secrets and reveal them.
  • Premium – It denotes high quality.
  • Elite – Your clients are among the finest in the world. Invite the newbies to join a club.
  • Instant – downloads or instant access is much appealing compared to waiting.
  • How to - Begin with a solution so that the customer will read the rest of the copy.

Now go forth and incorporate these powerful words in your writing today and get the most out of your marketing efforts.

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