Online Vs Offline Marketing – When to Shift Your Focus

Category: Marketing Published: Thursday, 08 December 2016

Every company’s revenue is based on what their clients are enticed to purchase. In the past few decades, it was always offline marketing that drew customers in. It’s still true with tons of businesses that have no interest with today’s latest technology. They leverage coupons, flyers, magazine or newspapers that come by mail. But, throughout the years, offline marketing has worked for many businesses out there.

However, as most of you knows, there is no holding back technology’s advancement in our lives. Online marketing opened a lot of opportunities to all businesses out there. In fact, there aren’t any boundaries as to how far marketing may go and the fact is, the cost is far less than offline.

The marketers continue to defend the perks of using one or the other. So, when should you really shift your focus?

The answer to this question is quite hard as it sometimes depends on the businesses. Since not every business is the same, they might have different needs and they could have some techniques in using offline and online marketing.

What Offline Marketing Offers?

Several business owners are hidden behind their computers and not a giving thought to every traditional way of marketing their business. The owners who work only with online marketing view their clients as a statistic because they have no direct contact with them. It is good to market in this way, yet you still have to go to your offline clients and make a more personal contact.

The best way of contacting prospects and clients is the best way of getting to know people and determining their needs. It enables the business owner to be familiar with the competitive brands, learn how some people do their marketing, and meet other businessmen. Then, you may put some of the information you have gathered in your marketing campaigns over the internet.

What Online Marketing Offers?

Online marketing has opened up the whole world to an endless opportunity to reach audiences anywhere. There aren’t any particular territories, no restrictions, and no certain post codes on the countries that will hold your brand or business back. If the company is clever, they can draw and reach out more clients in to purchase their services and products from across the globe.

It is a whole new marketplace that may be tapped through the company website, blogs, and social media. Through the use of debit and credit cards, wire transfers or PayPal, clients can quickly buy from anywhere. There are tons of ways to market over the internet and each marketer has to get on board to the digital world if they want more exposure and sales.


Both online and offline marketing are powerful. It can be used simultaneously, but it may also be implemented on particular months only, depending on your business needs. With the advancement of today’s technology, you should not just focus on offline marketing or online marketing only. If possible, try combining both, so you will be able to level up your business, especially if your target is the global audience.

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