Strategies to Implement before Commencing Internet Marketing

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Published: Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Businesses are quite competitive today and this is one reason any company with a successful mindset must implement some strategies. Internet marketing has become powerful to every kind of business that includes e-commerce, brick-and-mortar as well as for start-ups. What are some of the strategies that should be implement before commencing internet marketing?

Ensuring there are Effective Business Strategies

Before you start internet marketing, its paramount that there is a clear strategy or strategies. The important thing about this is that it gives guidance on every step of the plan. The strategies should be reviewed and any necessary amendments made.

Outline a Promotional Calendar

Every business has offers or promotions at some point. This is a great way to attract more customers and reward the existing ones while still increasing sales. Before internet marketing starts, a promotional calendar should be outline and what is to be done indicated clearly. It is also vital to list down the expectations.

Write Down the Goals

Definitely, there are targeted goals with internet marketing. They could be short, medium or long term but whichever the case is, goals should be there. Basically, this is about what you want achieved in a specific time and how they are to be reached. The goals should be specific, measurable and achievable. What is the importance of having goals? They are meant to give directions and they help everyone to be focused.

Identify a Mentor

It helps to learn from someone who is running a successful business, who has experience and has gathered tips over time. Whatever questions you have, they will help with answers and by implementing their practices, it will help boost your business. There are challenges that can be overcome through mentorship.

Identify Your Target Audience

A marketing campaign will not be successful if you target the wrong audience. Different potential customer has different internet habits. For example, you will find that youths prefer using social media platforms while the elderly prefer checking their emails instead. Know your target audience and focus your marketing campaigns there.

Internet marketing is supposed to be of benefit to the business. This is the reason that there are strategies that should be laid out before the marketing starts. Outlining a marketing funnel, having goals, outlining a promotional calendar and having an existing business are just some of the things that should be done beforehand. This will help in boosting the marketing efforts.

Mitigating some of the Marketing Challenges

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Published: Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Business owners and marketers read marketing books, magazines, online articles and talk to consultants to be successful. Amid the ever changing marketing tactics, sometimes it can be quite a challenge to meet the demands in the market. By learning how to meet the biggest challenges in the market, this is task that will be easy and with great results. So what are some of the challenges?

Creating a Noticeable Brand

A noticeable brand is one thing that will keep customers coming to your business. Creating a brand that will leave impressive imaginations is a sure way to attract more customers. A good brand calls-to-action and leads to repeat impressions.
It is not about a one-time impression but a lasting one. One way that you can achieve this is having a professional marketer who will ensure that the brand looks great and your target audience gets consistent messages. A person who understands the value of a brand and knows what consumers love to see.

Measuring Return on Investment for Marketing Activities

When a marketer wants to understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, they should be able to measure the ROI. Marketing return on investment for such campaigns has never been easy as it requires time, resources and effort.
It’s a way of telling whether the marketing efforts have been fruitful and proving why you need a bigger marketing budget. A CRM solution and marketing software will be of great help in mitigating this challenge.

Communicating the Business Value

Consumers want to see the value in what the business is offering. If consumers are to show interest and take action to what you are offering, they have to consider the services and products valuable. This is something that needs creativity especially as you decide on the content of your marketing campaigns. The message has to be specific, it should not be too long and should be interesting. This calls for a research on what your target audience consider as valuable.

There are many challenges in marketing and at times it depends on your niche. Its all about how you conduct your marketing campaigns. By being able to communicate clearly to your target audience, creating a noticeable brand and being able to measure ROI, you will be able to meet most of the marketing challenges. It all calls for professionalism, dedication and creativity to make your marketing efforts a success.

Things to Keep in Mind While Adopting Marketing Automation Processes

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Published: Monday, 29 April 2019

Marketing a small business or a startup is one of the most important steps in achieving your goals. It could be the business opts for online or offline marketing or even both. Online marketing is more flexible as there are various marketing automation tools that can be used. It’s imperative that the business is clear about how it’s going to adopt these processes.
With the rise of the marketing automation industry, it’s imperative for small businesses to embrace the process and do it efficiently. Despite how useful these processes are, there are several things that businesses should keep in mind.

Have a Strategy for Lead Generation

You need to drive traffic to your sales channel. Whether you already have a lead generation strategy or you are working on one, you need traffic. Having different content assets, using online tools, marketing partnerships are some of the ways you can work on your strategy.

Stay Compliant By Automating Lead Qualification and Minding Your Outsourced Lists

There are laws in marketing. Your small business needs to be compliant with these laws and two ways that you can do so is to be mindful of your outsourced email lists and automating lead qualification.
By creating more and relevant content, you will be able to generate more leads. Great content motivates your targets to sign up to get more. With this being done, it will be easier for the business to automate its marketing processes.

Evaluate the Processes

As you focus towards automating the marketing processes, you need to evaluate them and eliminate the bad ones. Automating bad processes will be costly for your business. Every member involved in running the processes should be up to date with everything that is happening in connection to this especially with changes. Accurately plan the processes that will help in lead generation and driving traffic.

Consider the Most Important Features

The most important features will solve your marketing problems. If it does not solve them, then it is not worthy investing in. When you make a decision to adopt marketing automation processes, ensure the tools meet your needs.
When it comes to marketing automation processes, buying the appropriate software is not the most important thing. It should be done correctly and efficiently for it to be effective. Utmost care should be taken to ensure that conversions and leads are increased.

Easy ways to improve your small business marketing

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Published: Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Marketing is critical to the survival of small businesses. As a business owner, you likely may have a marketing strategy. But, marketing is constantly changing. As the market change and evolves, so must you. Businesses that fail to adapt or evolve usually struggle and eventually die. Learning how to market your business effectively is going to benefits your business’s bottom line.
As a business owner, if you continue to use your present marketing strategy, your business is going to stale. Your competitors will find better and effective ways to market and as time goes on, you will have very few customers.
If you want to thrive in business you must learn to follow marketing trends. While a well-prepared marketing plan might work for your business, there are easy things you can do to improve the marketing of your business.

Learn from your competitors

Find out what your competitors are doing to improve their outreach, attract customers and so on.  If you are not getting any result from a particular marketing technique, find out how other players in your industry are marketing their products and services. There is a huge possibility that their tactics might work for you since you are trying to attract the same audience or customers.

Get testimonials

People often look for reviews before purchasing a product. People want to know that they are spending their hard earned money on high-quality products and services. And, they are always curious to know, if what you are offering is better than what others have to offer.
You can attract customers by getting (positive) reviews from people who are presently using your product.
You can put your review in visible areas where customers can see them. Also, you can add your reviews to your business website.

Update social-media

You may already know that social media marketing is important especially for small businesses. But, simply creating an account is not enough. There are so many social media marketing tips out there that can improve the online presence of your business.
First, keep your account information accurate and updated. Change your social media profile detail any time something about your business changes. Make sure that your website, logo, pictures, and address are current.
Second, post new content. Make it your goal to post engaging new content on your social media pages. Frequent posts are going to keep your customers coming back.

Final note

Applying the tips in this article is going to have a positive impact on the sales, growth, and outreach of your small business.

Why market your business

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Published: Monday, 11 June 2018

Marketing is an integral part of any business. Basically, marketing is all about researching, promoting and selling a particular product or services. Every business owner wants to have more sales and make more profit. Over the years, business owners have been using several forms of marketing to attract their targeted audience to try out their services or product.  


A fact is that no business will thrive or even exist without marketing. If you come to think about it, how do you think an amazing service or product is going to be known by people who really need them if they are not marketed?  The bottom line is that if you don’t market your business, you are going to struggle with sales. The growth rate of your business is going to be very slow.  


In this article, we are going to be looking at some important reasons why you should market your business. 

1.    Awareness 

After watching an AD you may not buy the product being advertised immediately but you have taken note of them. If you are able to raise awareness about your product or services, you are indirectly building an audience of potential buyers.  After watching your Ads your potential customers will know a lot about your product or the type of services you render. If they happen to need a product or services in the future, you will be the first person that they will contact.  


2.    Increase in sales  

As mentioned earlier, the goal of every business owner is to increase their sales and make more profit. Marketing your business is the best way to get people to know about your business. If a lot of people know about your business, there is a high possibility that these ones will become your client in the future. If you are able to carry out an effective marketing campaign, you will start seeing a massive increase in sales and your business will grow to new heights.  

3.    Trust  

In order for people to want to do business with you, they first have to trust you. If people trust you, they will be more likely to do business with you. One thing you need to have at the back of your mind is that it is going to take time and energy to build the trust as well as the reputation of your business. If you are able to build trust, your clients will be more than willing to try out your services.  


Final note 

Marketing is something that no business owner should ignore, especially if he wants to make profits and grow. 

Effective Tips for Creating a Business Marketing Plan 

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Published: Wednesday, 07 March 2018

As a small business owner, you likely know the importance of having a business plan which shows how your company is going to achieve its goals within a given time frame. One of the most important parts of this plan is your marketing strategy. 

A marketing plan will show who your targeted audience or customers are as well as the best ways you can reach out to them. In this article, we are going to be looking at some tips that can help you create a solid marketing plan for your small business. 

Know your niche 

Before you can write an effective business plan, you need to have a deep and detailed knowledge of your niche. If you have a deep knowledge of your niche, you will be able to make an effective marketing strategy that will help attract more customers. 

Think deeply about why a potential client will want to do business with you.

Here, you need to brainstorm the pain that your clients are passing through and how your product can be of help to them. It can be that your product can make them more productive, more attractive or respected. Whatever the case may be, your product or services needs to solve the problem of your customers or address their needs.

Get to know your competitors

You can use the data that you have gathered from your competitors to make your marketing plan more effective. No matter how unique your product or services may be, there is always someone doing something similar to what you are doing and they definitely will be competing for your targeted audience or customers. What you should do therefore is take time to study your competition, study their marketing strategy and see what is working for them and what is not. 

Social media 

In recent years, social media has become a very important part of the marketing plan for a lot of businesses. Your customers are presently using the various social media platforms that are available. If you are able to create an effective marketing strategy, your business will be seen by a lot of people who buy the services that you offer. Of course, you need to figure out the social media platform that your targeted audience spend most of their time. 

Final note 

Marketing is an integral part of any business. If you want to grow or make more profit, then prepare a marketing strategy so that your targeted audience could come to know about your business.

Small Business Marketing: 5 Key Metrics You Should Be Tracking

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Published: Thursday, 30 November 2017

Many entrepreneurs disregard the terms measurement and management as company jargon. In actual sense, there is no other way of growing your business unless you track those elements that work and those that don't. Attempting to expand your business without metrics is a lot more like the case of smoke without fire. This overview explains the five key metrics that small businesses can rely on to navigate growth and profitability.  

Cash Flow Forecast

One of the key performance indicators is cash flow. A forecast on the firm's cash flows shows whether their sales and margins are correct. Predicting on your future cash flows is easy. Just, add your business savings to the projected cash inflows for a specific period, say, next four weeks. Also, subtract the expected cash outflows for the same period.

By performing cash flow forecasts, you can pinpoint problems in their early stages. Aside from enabling business owners to anticipate possible surpluses and shortages, cash flow forecasts are necessary for tax planning. 

Revenue Growth Rate

Although this seems like a no-brainer, the revenue growth rate is a measure of how fast your business income and sales are increasing. To find the growth rate, divide your current revenue by the revenue earned in the previous year. 

Analyzing the growth rate on a regular basis helps you to assess whether your business has an upward or downward growth trend. Subsequently, you can use this to make necessary changes that favor business growth.

Inventory Turnover

Another crucial indicator to keep tabs on is the inventory turnover. It measures the frequency of which inventory is either sold or used during a given period. This metric is imperative because it indicates your company's ability to move goods. 

Although businesses strive at getting a high turnover rate, they should go about this the right way. For instance, you need not reduce the price of your goods by a high margin as it may result in losses. Calculating your turnover rate is also crucial in measuring and planning for adjustments in your future inventory.

Relative Market Share

This particular metric indicates just how much of a given market is driven by your company as a percentage. Contrary to internal parameters, relative market share shows how your business is performing relative to other players in the same space. In any case, the profits that your business earns do not matter if you are lagging behind your competitors. 

Accounts Payable Turnover

No company can keep its doors open for long if it cannot pay its suppliers. Accounts payable turnover is a measure of how much the company incurs when paying for goods and services. To find this, sum up the cost of supplier purchases then divide by the average accounts payable. By determining the accounts payable turnover, you can decide if there is need to reduce your spending.


Tracking key performance indicators is your best bet at growing your business. It enables you to cultivate a culture of success as you see the metrics moving in the right direction. Leveraging the latest data not only helps you to discover new opportunities but also to measure the efforts of your business.

Top Marketing Ideas to Generate Leads

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Published: Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Having a good team and managing your business by word of mouth maybe good enough but not for long. It’s a fast transforming world and so are we to transform and make things work out. Marketing in a business should be more than profit maximization and business growth but should also be aimed at becoming the best, giving you an edge over every other competitor. There are ways and means to leverage your business and enable you to generate the necessary leads required to ensure the business is on an upward trajectory. Some of the marketing ideas that are likely to generate the needed leads include;

Focus on One Market

Marketing to everyone is one sure way of spending a lot of money with little assurance to the desired returns. As a business owner, you probably know the niche you want to focus on and how it generally looks like hence it is wise to sit with your team and select one specific market segment to focus on. Focusing on a particular segment gives you the chance to create offers and content specifically for that niche. The edge here is that you are able to connect more effectively with your offers and messages.

Create Engaging Content

Content matters in any type of marketing scheme and so in the event that you are to invest in lead generation and you are not using your own original unique content, and then you are likely to generate low-quality content from prospects looking for the cheapest price. This is because prospects will always make decisions based on your price if you don’t give them any other criteria to do so. A good content should have photos, consumer awareness guides, case studies and even videos.

Analyze Your Website

Irrespective of the marketing you are doing, your website works as the hub for all your offline and online marketing efforts. The aim of all your marketing channels is to drive traffic to your offers and website. This implies that your website should be something more than an online brochure. If you happen to be doing lots of marketing and not getting the leads you are looking for, then chances are your website is engaging poorly to your visitors, discouraging from taking the next step in getting to contact you.

Creating Marketing Campaigns

Ads are not an effective means to market your business and should be avoided. They are associated with the ability to work well but usually don’t in the long run. Ads are marketing channels and not a strategy and the truth is no channel works effectively by itself.

The offers and how you present it are what really works towards getting the leads you desire. The proper campaign consists of; tracking, segmented content, ads, and ad groups as well as landing pages with offers. All these are a sure means of generating the desired need from marketing ideas.

Engage with Previous Prospects and Clients

Business owners tend to focus on the new leads in the market when they, in fact, have a database of leads within their system from people purchasing and those expressing interest in the business. The human nature to desire new leads usually prohibits us from exploring the already available opportunities.

The earlier managers realize the available leads they already have in terms of interested parties and customers, the higher the chances of securing marketing ideas that will create the leads a business needs to ensure growth.

How to Target Your Ideal Customer in 2017

Category: Marketing
Published: Thursday, 08 December 2016

One of the basic elements of great marketing strategy is a target audience that’s well-defined. Casting a wide net as well as attempting to attract any business that matches your offering remotely is by no means an efficient strategy. Frequently, companies that are hungry for growth pursue this strategy, yet it isn’t sustainable.

Defining your ideal customer in 2017 properly will help you deliver a clear message as well as attract the customers who value your offering. It’ll also guide your growth, building a successful marketing and sales team, and ensuring you develop services and products that match customer needs, and understand operational requirement in the future.

To know the ways to target your ideal customers in 2017, follow these steps:

  1. Know Your Service or Product

You need a solid understanding of your business. It does not mean just knowing the outs and ins of your financials or reciting your website copy in your sleep. But rather, you should have deep knowledge of your business from the point of view of your customers. Get out a pen and notepad and jot down what you offer to your clients. What issues do you solve for them or what are the challenges do you address? When answering such questions, you should be honest and you have to remember that it isn’t enough to determine who you like to benefit most. You should also determine who’s actually finding value in your offerings.

  1. Know Your Goals

Once you have looked at your business through your customer’s eyes and identified who’s currently purchasing from you, it is the best time to know what your goals are. Your current customers might not be your perfect ones. Maybe you have noticed that your client retention is low. If you there are some changes with your sales, it’s time to outline all your goals. Determining what you like to achieve will help you alter the strategies in targeting your ideal customers.

  1. Analyze Your Previous Interactions

Your previous interactions with the clients can reveal a lot both bad and good. Combing through any mistakes or successes with the existing or previous customers will absolutely help you to narrow your concentration. Take some time when going through your big wins. Whether it is reading through your client reviews or paging through the old emails to look for major accomplishments, you must also determine any common thread.

  1. Build Customer Profiles

You have done your research already, put in legwork, and prepared to outline everything that makes your clients tick. It’s when you will build customer profile that shares all of the information you have to know regarding who exactly you are trying to target. This process frequently involves answering important questions that cover everything from the basic demographics to what influences buying decisions.


There are other ways on how you can target your ideal customers in 2017. Depending on your type of business or service, make sure that you implement your strategies wisely and properly to get results in no time.

The Most Powerful Words in Marketing You Need to Use

Category: Marketing
Published: Thursday, 08 December 2016

Ask any savvy designer, copywriter or business owner and they will surely tell you that your choice of words can greatly persuade action and influence emotion.

In the world of marketing, there are phrases and words which have been tested and proven by time to boost conversion and response rates almost across the board. Obviously, there are certain motivating phrases and words which work much better in various situations and it would be up to you to determine the best one that suits your business.

Figuring out what these words are doesn’t really need any rocket science. If your intuition fails to help you, your customers are going to. Below are some of the most magical and powerful words in marketing you should start using at the soonest time possible to yield the best response.

  • You – Write as if you are talking to and about the customer. Don’t make it seem like you are more concerned about yourself.
  • Free – No one says no to free things, don’t you think?
  • Because – Give your customers a good reason why they have to take action right away.
  • Guaranteed – Reduce risk perception by giving your customers a guarantee for them to feel that they have everything to gain with nothing to lose.
  • Value – It implies to customers that they will get something as compared to losing something.
  • Easy – Make it much simpler for your customers to take the initial step in the purchasing process and let them know how your service or product can make your life easier.
  • Amazing – Clients will respond to something that’s incredible.
  • Act Now – Motivate quick response with a limited-time offer.
  • Discover – It implies there’s something unknown and new to the customer, something that has exceptional benefits and provides them an edge.
  • Never – Distinguish the negative benefit including “never overpay again” or “never worry again”.
  • Everything Included – It establishes that your service or product is all your clients will have to purchase to reach their goals.
  • New – Your service or product is the cutting edge in the industry.
  • Proven – Remind the clients that your service, business or product is proven and tested.
  • Save – It’s the most powerful word to showcase the monetary savings or time savings as well.
  • Powerful – Let your potential customers know that your service, product or business is robust.
  • Safe and Effective – It is proven to reduce risk reception for monetary and health loss.
  • Guaranteed Results or Real Results – All customers want the best results after all.
  • Secret – not all succeed and there are some secrets to success. Give your customers the chance to know those secrets and reveal them.
  • Premium – It denotes high quality.
  • Elite – Your clients are among the finest in the world. Invite the newbies to join a club.
  • Instant – downloads or instant access is much appealing compared to waiting.
  • How to - Begin with a solution so that the customer will read the rest of the copy.

Now go forth and incorporate these powerful words in your writing today and get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Online Vs Offline Marketing – When to Shift Your Focus

Category: Marketing
Published: Thursday, 08 December 2016

Every company’s revenue is based on what their clients are enticed to purchase. In the past few decades, it was always offline marketing that drew customers in. It’s still true with tons of businesses that have no interest with today’s latest technology. They leverage coupons, flyers, magazine or newspapers that come by mail. But, throughout the years, offline marketing has worked for many businesses out there.

However, as most of you knows, there is no holding back technology’s advancement in our lives. Online marketing opened a lot of opportunities to all businesses out there. In fact, there aren’t any boundaries as to how far marketing may go and the fact is, the cost is far less than offline.

The marketers continue to defend the perks of using one or the other. So, when should you really shift your focus?

The answer to this question is quite hard as it sometimes depends on the businesses. Since not every business is the same, they might have different needs and they could have some techniques in using offline and online marketing.

What Offline Marketing Offers?

Several business owners are hidden behind their computers and not a giving thought to every traditional way of marketing their business. The owners who work only with online marketing view their clients as a statistic because they have no direct contact with them. It is good to market in this way, yet you still have to go to your offline clients and make a more personal contact.

The best way of contacting prospects and clients is the best way of getting to know people and determining their needs. It enables the business owner to be familiar with the competitive brands, learn how some people do their marketing, and meet other businessmen. Then, you may put some of the information you have gathered in your marketing campaigns over the internet.

What Online Marketing Offers?

Online marketing has opened up the whole world to an endless opportunity to reach audiences anywhere. There aren’t any particular territories, no restrictions, and no certain post codes on the countries that will hold your brand or business back. If the company is clever, they can draw and reach out more clients in to purchase their services and products from across the globe.

It is a whole new marketplace that may be tapped through the company website, blogs, and social media. Through the use of debit and credit cards, wire transfers or PayPal, clients can quickly buy from anywhere. There are tons of ways to market over the internet and each marketer has to get on board to the digital world if they want more exposure and sales.


Both online and offline marketing are powerful. It can be used simultaneously, but it may also be implemented on particular months only, depending on your business needs. With the advancement of today’s technology, you should not just focus on offline marketing or online marketing only. If possible, try combining both, so you will be able to level up your business, especially if your target is the global audience.