Small Business Trends That Conquered the World

Category: Small Business Published: Friday, 12 May 2017

Recent studies concerning small businesses revealed that there are several trends which have risen to popularity through the years. Many of these trends have also been discovered to benefit from online services such as search engine optimization and social media optimization.

Below are the top trends wherein virtual solutions will help in businesses process optimization and minimize the costs.

Internet Business

Online and internet tools help small businesses to easily and conveniently find, support and sell to their customers. More and more new businesses today opt to go for an online business and establish virtual stores instead of building the traditional brick and mortar stores and offices for business. As customers discover the ease of getting the things they need online, businesses also choose to take their processes online. If someone struggles to get online, there are different online marketing services currently available which can help businesses go online by providing services such as social media and search engine optimization services.

Variable Cost Models

It is a service model different from the common ways on how services are acquired. Through following this particular model, the expertise will become more affordable and accessible and businesses can start to choose from the available services. It is a very practical and intelligent model. Accountability is also another feature of the model which facilitates easy monitoring of all marketing activities.

Social Media in Mainstream

Social media was originally meant to serve as a platform for online social interactions. However, it has quickly grown to become a marketing medium for many businesses. Facebook is considered as the leading social network when it comes to the number of visits and together with other like Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, it offers a lot of visibility for online businesses.

Small businesses get to enjoy a lot of benefits when they invest in social media marketing and this trend is expected to grow bigger in the years to come. Surveys revealed that 2/3 of small businesses plan to invest in email marketing while 60% plan to put more investments on social media optimization. What truly matters here is how important it is for a business to apply the most efficient techniques and trends. Also, if they encounter some difficulties in doing it on their own, they can always get the assistance of professionals to help them out.


Now more than ever, freelancers have become more professional as they establish their own virtual businesses. In fact, even bigger businesses go for freelance-based services while they engage with other businesses. While it is good news for freelancers, this still comes with the burden of having to work efficiently and professionally to sustain their business. Freelance businesses in different major markets are expected to hit several million dollars. It is the primary reason why freelancers must focus on delivering their expertise and taking extra care of other pertinent activities such as customer care, marketing, advertising, accounting and others. Both social media and search engine optimization also play a crucial role in the success of freelance activities.

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